Maddest Dad In Michigan

Wayne County Stench

Why was I the maddest dad in the state of Michigan? 

  • Because of a biased unethical Judge? (Adams)
  • Because the judge ambushed me on the stand?
  • Because of a lying unethical opposing council? (Kristall)
  • Because an FOC mediator was allowed to lie on the stand? (Wells)
  • Because FOC administrators were allowed the lie?
  • Because FOC administrators wanted ME prosecuted?
  • Because CPS failed at every turn? (Multiple)

Answer: Yes, all of the above.

I am mad not because I've been fighting for the rights of my son but because of the people that I've had to fight. They have all brought it to a personal level and there seems to be no protection for my son and I.

Judge Deborah Ross Adams:
Removed from the bench in June of 2013, this woman allowed my ex to get away with some pretty unimaginable crap for over 6 years. Judge Adams  violated more than a few of my rights and never held my ex accountable for the more than 100 infractions which we had proven.
Mediator Priscilla Wells:
This mediator is as biased as they come. In my case she told a blatant lie to cover for my ex in abusing our son.
Attorney Wayne Kristall:
Just a slovenly sloppy attorney whose methods are the same. Wayne advises his client against following the courts orders and in one case, my case,  he lied to police officers to help his client deny parenting time.
School Social Worker, Angela Gartner Street:
I'm sure that Angela thought that she was doing the right thing when she denied me parenting time, blocked my school access and disobeyed a direct instruction from a Detroit Police Sergeant but she was not. Her actions were overstepping and personal.
Child Protective Services:
Their failures are so public that they need no mention here. Generally, CPS just has a lackadaisical attitude overall and dealing with an ignorant ghetto mother doesn't help.

Anger is a natural reaction to mental pain and or anguish. When we perceive a danger of being hurt, the fight mechanism of anger helps to ensure our protection. 

Why in the hell have I been placed in a position of having to fight all of these people?
My ex-wife ran up to every single one of them and said "look my ex-husband, he he's a very violent man" "he's a dangerous man" "my son fears him" "I have a PPO" "is not supposed to be anywhere near us" "please help me". Each time these suckers jumped on her bandwagon and took things to a personal level  working against me instead of simply doing their jobs.

For this reason I have labeled them unethical morons.
Anyone acting in a professional capacity to understand the parameters of their job and they would operate in them. When you don't I'm going to label you an idiot.  Deborah Ross Adams, Priscilla Wells, child protective services, Wayne Kristall and Angela Gardner Street, you - are - all - idiots. You morons have taken things to a personal level. When you step outside of the duties requirements descriptions of your jobs and you act against me I will take it personally. Well as you can see I have taken it personally.

My name is Leander Richmond and I am the maddest dad in Michigan.

2016 Update:

Judge Adams: Removed from the bench
Wayne Kristall: Suspended in 2016 for 1 month
Priscilla Wells: Retired. Thank GOD


  • 20 years, same job.
  • High School Grad
  • Good credit
  • 2nd marriage
  • No Domestic Violence
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Canton School
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Consistent home necessities


  • On 4th Marriage
  • Works less than 10%
  • Drug history
  • History - Alcohol abuse
  • .22 BAC - DIU Arrest
  • Domestic Violence
  • GED at age 25
  • Welfare
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • 6 Mile & Livernois
  • Multiple Power Disconnects
  • Stealing Power
  • Bad driving record