Maddest Dad In Michigan

Wayne County Stench

At least to me, It was painfully obvious that Judge Adams was not behaving in a judicially responsible manner when she conducted our trial, or wrote her opinion. Her opinion was a one sided, biased piece of trash that was full of errors and omissions. For this and other legal reasons, we immediately filed an appeal. This appeal took over 8 months to complete due largely in part to the court taking almost 5 months to produce all transcripts and the case file. 

The case file was only produced when I reminded my attorney that "for the last three years, our case file has been in the court room of Judge Adams". Within 2 days, the file was in the hands of the Michigan State Court Of Appeals (COA). 

Our Claims on Appeal

 Factor B 

 Factor D 

 Factor F 

Appeal Decision

Appeal Date 8-6-2013 
Decision should be soon after.

8/6/2013 - We had our day in court and I will tell you it was intimidating. It is quite easy to respect a position when the person within does their job. I do not yet know how they will rule but they only asked 2 questions.

9/3/2013 - Still no decision from the court.

Update: 2/2/2014

Some time in 2013, the COA sent our case back to the lower court. In 2014, under a new judge, a new decision was made. this decision took into consideration the experiences on my son and his future. This decision was fair and just.


  • 20 years, same job.
  • High School Grad
  • Good credit
  • 2nd marriage
  • No Domestic Violence
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Canton School
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Consistent home necessities


  • On 4th Marriage
  • Works less than 10%
  • Drug history
  • History - Alcohol abuse
  • .22 BAC - DIU Arrest
  • Domestic Violence
  • GED at age 25
  • Welfare
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • 6 Mile & Livernois
  • Multiple Power Disconnects
  • Stealing Power
  • Bad driving record