Maddest Dad In Michigan

Wayne County Stench

*****Update: On June 19th 2013, Judge Adams was removed from the bench by the State Supreme Court for forgery and lying under oath. THIS should give an indication of the unprofessional conduct that I identified back in 2007. 

My issue and complaints with Judge Adams are too numerous to state here but I can list some of them to give you an idea.

  1. Constantly cleared the court during our trial (to remove any witnesses) then she would deny it in our next appearance.
  2. Limited my testimony to the past three years while allowing Candy to testify completely about our mariage which ended 10 years ago. You can't  even deny this because the objections are on the record.
  3. Let mom slide on more than 100 parenting time violations.
  4. Gave mom a PPO with no proof. Did nothing when you found out that mom lied about the police report.
  5. In the PPO hearing, an audio recording proved my innocence. In response, Judge issues "Mutual Restraining Orders".
  6. Ambushed me on the stand in an unannounced hearing to force me into contempt. It didn't work.
  7. Wrongly accused me of an improper ex-parte communication attempt. (Committed the offense in her own divorce, setting the chain of events that led to her removal from the bench).
  8. Generally tried to intimidate me.
  9. Gave custody to my ex AFTER she practiced drawing our sons blood.
  10. Chewed my ass for filing a grievance against Priscilla Wells. Told me that there is a process. I said "Yes, a grievance".
  11. Accused me of owning a website and FB page that weren't mine.
  12. Lied out loud in court claiming that my son begged you to make this stop. That was a big one. 
  13. Got angry when I refused to tell my ex that I was glad that she was the mother of my son - DURING OUR PPO HEARING!!!!! WHILE SHE IS NURSING FAKE WOUNDS!!!!!!!!  What??? Are you an absolute fucking NUT?
  14. Allowed John Frasik an improper exparte initiating your ambush hearing.
  15. Allowed Wayne Kristill to run wild and rampant in your court. Referee Schewe did a wonderful job of maintaining order and with little effort.
  16. Accused "ALL OF US" when my ex went to the school with her PPO's and other mess.
  17. Accused "ALL OF US" when Wayne Kristall pissed off the pediatrician.
  18. Threatened to arrest my attorney Nicole Childers for defending my right to plead the fifth in your kangaroo hearing.
  19. You didn't find fault mom giving her second child my last name. ??????
  20. Continuously interrupted questioning where mom was hanging herself.
  21. Limited my testimony to 2009 and above while moms testimony was all about our 8 month marriage, 12 years ago. You said that it went to character.
  22. She did everything that she could to avoid a trial until mom admitted to the blood drawing in chambers.
  23. She listened to my ex admit to attacking my current wife and did nothing.
  24. She listened to my ex lie about domestic violence in her home. When the report was produced, Judge A took her testimony and still gave it no weight.
  25. Surrounded me with 6 deputies for 4 hours because my ex said that I'd broken into her home while under a PPO. When I proved that I wasn't even in town that weekend, you did nothing to her. She was trying to get me thrown in jail.
  26. You once said that our order was the cleanest order that you'd seen. A year later, when my ex was backed into a corner of her lies, you said, "Forget the order, It's too confusing". 
  27. You said that Quincy was going to Canton schools because that's what he wants. Then you reneged after Wayne Kristill deliberately botched your order.
  28. Mom had a .22, unconscience DUI. You wrote this off as not a big deal.
  29. You dismissed Officer Lightfoots testimony as "may have appeared that phisical contact". Read the fucking Police report. It clearly states that mom said that Paul... (And THAT was his testimony as well).
  30. You mentioned that I "had sex" with my current wife before my divorce was finalized but you did not mention that Candy admitted to being impregnated TWICE by Paul WHILE whe was married to Jodi.

The one sidedness of Judge Adams' assistance to mom should be considered criminal. Her opinion in custody was NOT reflective of the testimony that came out in trial and many of her comments were unnecessarily defensive of mom.  

For a snapshot of our make believe trial, click here:


  • 20 years, same job.
  • High School Grad
  • Good credit
  • 2nd marriage
  • No Domestic Violence
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Canton School
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Consistent home necessities


  • On 4th Marriage
  • Works less than 10%
  • Drug history
  • History - Alcohol abuse
  • .22 BAC - DIU Arrest
  • Domestic Violence
  • GED at age 25
  • Welfare
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • 6 Mile & Livernois
  • Multiple Power Disconnects
  • Stealing Power
  • Bad driving record