Maddest Dad In Michigan

Wayne County Stench

Angela Gardner-Street

has been a Detroit Public school social worker since 1998. She is NOT professional. This is a matter of opinion but she's an ignorant ghetto ass-hole. For some reason, Angela decided , before I ever even met her, to take up arms against me. She placed herself between me and my son. She did this at the request of mega ghettotard of an ex-wife, Candy Gates. Here's what happened:

Angela Interferes With Child Custody Order

On 9/8/2011 I arrived at my sons school, Palmer Park Academy in Detroit, for what would have been my first pick up for the 2011 - 2012 school year. I was met by a group of 6 people which included Principal Harris and SSW Angela Gardner-Street. Angela seemed to be the spokes person for the group in telling me that Mom had a PPO against me and insisting that I was not supposed to be at the school or to pick up my son. Angela also presented me with a blue piece of paper and which she said that Mom presented as proof to of this claim.

I immediately recognized the document as a motion filing. Angela insisted that Mom had filed for custody and until she heard otherwise, I was not getting my son. Angela Gardner Street presented a copy of the Personal Protection Order. I informed Angela that the PPO, though valid, does not stop me from contact with my son. Angela had already contacted my ex and sent him home.

I left the school today without incident and agreed to return tomorrow with certified copies of my court documents.

School Still Fighting Dad

On 9/9/2011 I returned to the school with newly certified copies of my court orders only to discover that the school staff was working even harder to stop me from picking up my son. The police were called and after 45 minutes of proving my right, Angela informed the officers that she'd called mom upon my arrival and sent my son with her. Again, I did not get to spend time with my son.

Detroit Police Sergeant Is Ignored By Angie

On 9/22/2011 at 3:10pm DPD Sergeant Todd Messineo accompanied me to the school. In the Office, Sgt Massinio asked Angela if she had anything that states that I was NOT supposed to pick up Q. Angela presented the PPO which Sgt Massinio examined. He explained that it was not a reason to keep me from my son. He then informed her that I had a right to p/u my son. Angela insisted that the order states that I am to pick my son up "AFTER SCHOOL" so I could NOT get him until after school (as the order states). Though this is not a legally proper position for the school to take, I agreed, hoping that I could finally pick up my son.

Before leaving the school, I asked Angela a very succinct question "If I leave the school until dismissal and return, is there anything else that you will do to hinder my picking up my son?" Twice, Angela failed to answer my question. The Officers and I left the school.

When I returned to the school at 4:15, I was told by security guard Kenwon that upon my leaving the school with the police, Angela had called my sons mother and had her pick him up early. Yet again, I did not get to spend time with my son.

Angela Gardner Street, you're nothing more than a semi educated hood rat. May Detroit forever be your home. You wouldn't last ten seconds in any system with real accountability. Only in the improperly run and administratively malnourished Detroit Public school system can you function. I hope that you sleep well, especially NOW that you have witnessed my ex in her fully ignorant form. She caused quite as stink with the teacher and principle, didn't she. 

You should not have made this personal. It was not any business of yours.

Angry? Yup! I most certainly am.

For clearification, I am speaking of the:
Angela Gardner Street that works at

Palmer Park Prepetory Academy

3901 Margareta Ave
Detroit, MI 48221


  • 20 years, same job.
  • High School Grad
  • Good credit
  • 2nd marriage
  • No Domestic Violence
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Canton School
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Consistent home necessities


  • On 4th Marriage
  • Works less than 10%
  • Drug history
  • History - Alcohol abuse
  • .22 BAC - DIU Arrest
  • Domestic Violence
  • GED at age 25
  • Welfare
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • 6 Mile & Livernois
  • Multiple Power Disconnects
  • Stealing Power
  • Bad driving record