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This Bafoon Is About As Ignorant As They Come.

Why would I be upset about an attorney that lies? All attorneys lie, right? Not necessarily. Most of the time what attorneys do can be attributed to zealous representation. This is when you present your clients information in a way that might lead someone to view it in an nonfactual manner. And I agree fully that doing so is not telling a lie. It might be misleading but what would our system be if you were not able to mislead someone.

The "Pick Up Order"

On 9/22/2011 I went to my sons school to pick him up. Angela Gardner interfered. The police were called. Both attorneys were called. Wayne P. Kristall told the police officer that I did not have my "Pick Up Order" and without it, I had no legal right to pick up my son. 

As a result of this lie, which Wayne made up, the police released my son to his mother. 

What's worse is that when we appeared in court, old Wayne didn't even deny it. He just said "In all my years of practicing law, I have come across cases where Pick Up orders were in place". I argued that I didn't give a shit about his history only the fact that he knew very well that there was no such order in our case.  Wayne commented that perhaps there should be.

Judge Adams ignored the parenting time violation and the fact that an attorney had just admitted to lying to the police and assisting his client in violating a court order.

Blind Accusations

You would think that an attorney would limit their accusations to statements that their client makes. Wayne attacked me a few times in statements that were not rooted in truth or client statements. 

Blind Accusation Against Mediator

In 2009, Mediator Angela Asteriou issued a report that said change custody to dad immediately. Wayne went on the attack accusing her of hating mothers and always siding with fathers. This statement was without a single shred of investigative proof. this attack was unwarranted and without merit but for Wayne, its just a manner of doing business.

General Ignorance And Unprofessional

During our trial, our court ordered pediatric asthma specialist issued a letter to the court stating that they would no longer treat our son. They specifically listed Wayne kristall as the reason. The letter said that Wayne had arrived at the office unannounced demanding to see the doctor. When he was told that the doctor was very busy, he threatened the staff with their jobs.  In court, Judge Adams referenced this as "You all are causing all these problems". No joke, her dumb ass blamed us, me and my attorney. Read The Letters Yourself.

On his "" page, Wayne claims:

I am always guided by this Mission Statement: "Providing good quality legal work while treating all clients appropriately and respectfully throughout the case. Listening to clients as well as providing reasonable expectations of the outcome and the process. Always being pro-child."

How on EARTH can this be true with the behavior and absence of control that I witnessed. Wayne REGULARLY claimed: "I didn't receive those", "i haven't seen that", "I haven't had a chance to reveiw those documents" and my favorite, "my client doesn't have the money for this". One can only wonder if the latter was a statement defending his performance and lack of preparedness.


  • 20 years, same job.
  • High School Grad
  • Good credit
  • 2nd marriage
  • No Domestic Violence
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Canton School
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Consistent home necessities


  • On 4th Marriage
  • Works less than 10%
  • Drug history
  • History - Alcohol abuse
  • .22 BAC - DIU Arrest
  • Domestic Violence
  • GED at age 25
  • Welfare
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • 6 Mile & Livernois
  • Multiple Power Disconnects
  • Stealing Power
  • Bad driving record